How I Can Help You

Let’s start with a phone chat!

To begin the process, just give me a call at 630-709-7425 or e-mail me. We will start with a brief phone conversation to discuss your situation.

Complimentary Consultation

If we decide to move forward, we will schedule a time for me to meet you at your home. It is very important to have the right fit, and this meeting will allow us to get a sense of what it would be like to work together, although no actual organizing will be done at this time. This will be an opportunity for us to further assess your situation and begin developing an informal plan.

This in-home consultation is complimentary.

Working Together

I’m looking forward to helping you. I will do this by working directly with you, discovering your unique goals and learning style. There are many tried-and-true organizing methods and tools and I will guide you as we discover what works best for you. It does not matter how many or few papers you have, or how tangled you may feel everything is. We will work through it together. We may tackle a specific project or we may have a long-term working relationship. In the end, the systems that we create together will be suited just for YOU!

What To Expect

There are certain things you should expect during the organizing process. There are many things you may experience during the organizing process. Please read my blog on this topic.

Organize / Design / Manage

  1. Organize - sorting through papers and deciding what to keep or discard
  2. Design - creating a retrieval system tailored to your specific needs
  3. Manage - working closely with you to maintain the endless flow of paper and information that enters your home

These three pieces (Organize / Design / Manage) may happen in a very nonlinear fashion. Each piece is connected to the others, sometimes overlapping one another or occurring simultaneously. I will guide you as we determine our strategy.